Will Mediation Work For You?

For many, the question comes down to “What are the benefits of mediation, and Why should I choose to go the mediation route rather than traditional litigation?” Throughout her twenty year career, mediation attorney Debra Parker has found the answer to that question, while assisting clients across Louisiana reach favorable and lasting solutions.

Parker Law Firm strives for results and resolutions and we recognize that everyone’s time is valuable. As such, we base our fee on whether or not a case is effectively mediated, ending in a successful result. The goal of our mediations is to provide both parties with a fair and swift outcome consistent with the facts of the individual case.

Successful Resolution: $3,500
Unresolved Outcome: $1,500

The Benefits Of An Attorney Mediator

There are several key reasons for bringing a mediator into the fold, including:

  • Control: Each party is able to remain in control and not cede all decision-making to a judge or court, granting the parties more power toward achieving the desired outcome.
  • Effectiveness: Our firm has found that nine out of 10 mediations end in a positive outcome that is respected by all parties.
  • Understanding: Parties are encouraged to present their points of view and behave civilly, thereby hoping to reach a satisfactory settlement.
  • Efficiency: Trials are usually expensive and lengthy. Mediation can eliminate the stress of trial, while saving each party time and money.
  • Safety: During mediation, parties are encouraged to present possible solutions. As a result, a negative outcome is unlikely, due to the active participation of each party.

During her career, Ms. Parker has gained significant experience in workers’ compensation mediation, learning to walk a tightrope of fairness. In the process, she has gathered invaluable knowledge of clients’ expectations and creative ways to achieve results.

An Experienced Mediator. A Knowledgeable Attorney.

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