Helping You Resolve Disputes Through Mediation

Simply put, in a dispute, the parties involved are seeking a solution. However, the process of achieving a resolution can often be cumbersome, difficult and contentious. As an attorney with over 30 years of experience, Debra Parker has found that mediation can often provide parties with an easier way to communicate and ultimately reach a successful conclusion that is long-lasting and respected by each side.

Having mediated countless cases during her career across Louisiana, Ms. Parker has put the principles of open communication, fairness, integrity, attention to detail and balance at the forefront of her practice. At our firm, we prioritize working with parties toward establishing and fulfilling common goals, without sacrificing each side’s principles.

How Does The Mediation Process Work?

During mediation, the parties come together with a neutral third party (the Mediator), who is tasked with resolving the dispute in a fair and timely manner. The mediator then reviews the circumstances and works to bring the parties together. Generally, this is a speedier solution that leads to greater satisfaction between the parties, as each side is able to present information.

Typically, mediation results in a settlement. If it does not, however, our firm continues to work with both parties to try to bring the case to a resolution even after the mediation.

Having worked in the workers’ compensation arena and participated in numerous meditations for years, Ms. Parker has significant experience when it comes to cases involving workplace accidents, including slip and fall cases, car accidents or other personal injury instances.

Bridging The Gap Between Problem And Solution

If you have suffered a workplace injury and are looking for fair and just compensation, mediation may help you get there. If you are an employer or adjuster, mediation may assist you toward your long term goals. To contact an experienced lawyer, call us at 225-937-9052, send Ms. Parker an email or use the contact form.