Helping Our Community Find Lasting Resolutions

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Parker Law Firm was founded with the goal of providing individuals and businesses across Louisiana the ability to reach fair and efficient resolutions to complex legal problems, including in cases involving workers’ compensation and personal injury.

Since beginning her career in 1995, attorney Debra Parker has aimed to stay true to that goal. Born and raised in Baton Rouge, Ms. Parker has strong ties to the community and an even stronger desire to provide its residents with high-quality, experienced legal counsel. Parker Law Firm‘s mediation services are aimed at helping businesses and injured employees reach long-lasting resolutions without engaging in prolonged, often costly legal battles.

Having worked with claims adjusters, risk management and claimants’ attorneys as well as the judiciary, Debra Parker brings broad and diverse experience, and we leverage that to create lasting resolutions. At Parker Law Firm, we don’t believe that a legal battle should be a zero-sum game. Everyone can be a winner.

Helping Clients See The Benefits Of Mediation

There are many reasons to choose mediation. From expediency and efficiency to saving expense and unnecessary stress, we believe that it’s often the right path to avoid lengthy litigation or expedite a non-litigated case toward a full and final settlement

With over two decades of experience in both trial law and mediation, Ms. Parker brings a deeper understanding of the needs and desires of each client. Ms. Parker enjoys bringing satisfaction and a sense of closure to all parties. Whether it is a case involving workers’ compensation mediation or another legal dispute, we provide the same elite problem-solving skills and attention to detail.

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Learn More About Mediation And Whether It’s Right For You

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